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  • Expertise & Expirience : Team of experience Architects,determined to give you world class designs.
  • Safe Money Transaction : We work on escrow model. No advance to contractors. Safe Money Transactions.
  • Transparency : Clear and detailed quotation and construction contracts. Online and 24x7 access to specification, work schedule, money transactions and project updates.
  • Quality Assurance : In-house dedicated project management team to check the quality and progress of project.
  • On Time : ZERO tolerance for delays. Strict monetary penalty clauses for any delay in the project.

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Our Services

Turn Key Project Management

Complete house construction including labor and material.

  • Epic Package
  • Royal Package
  • Premium Package
  • Regular

Material Consultancy and Project

Fees Based Service ,Project management and quality control.

  • Epic Package
  • Royal Package
  • Premium Package
  • Regular

Design Services

  • Architectural Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Site Supervision
  • Site Visit By Architect/Structural Engineer

Property Buy /Sell/Rent

  • Buy Plot / Sell Plot
  • Buy/Sell Commercial Property
  • Buy Flat /Sell Flat

Our Value


We perceive our essential resource is individuals. To be effective, Fatemi Architects must be a remunerating work environment. We give opportunity and encouragement to enable our people to achieve their potential. We work with our customers as a team. Common regard gives the establishment to our prosperity.


We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing.” Fatemi Architects is a business based on trust. Fatemi Architects is consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity. Because of this reputation the company has the privilege of leading some of the highest profile, often one-of-a-kind, projects in the world.


We stay consistent with our founding values of quality, genuineness and diligent work. We have the most noteworthy standards in the business. We "make the best choice." Fatemi Architects is a business dependent on trust. Fatemi Architects is reliably connected with the high standards of service, quality, individual consideration regarding customers, and integrity. Due to this reputation the organization has the benefit of driving the absolute most astounding profile, frequently stand-out, ventures.

Our Culture

  1. Injuries are Preventable
  2. Perform a Job Only if it is Safe
  3. Working Safely is a Condition of Employment
  4. Practice and Expect Safe Behavior Everywhere, Every Day

Fatemi Architects fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion in which all employees contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, and havethe opportunity to grow.

We do our best work in teams made up of individuals with different backgrounds, skills and passions so we cultivate diversityin our office and on our sites.

Fatemi Architects perceives the significance of advancement and cultivating a culture of constant enhancement. The way toward building an organization and a workforce for the future requires enormous versatility and vision. A key component of our organization vision is to create and embrace emerging technologies and processes. As a major aspect of our effort to accomplish this vision, Fatemi Architects encourages a culture where representatives share their thoughts and commitment with each other to create inventive thoughts and in addition assess and actualize enhancements at Fatemi Architects.

Fatemi Architects understands the environmental, social, and economic impact of our activities and that it is our responsibility to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner that supports our goals for client service, community involvement, environmental performance, financial strength and employee health, safety and well being. Our core values of integrity, teamwork and commitment guide our activities and we expect the organizations with which we do business to share our commitments.

  1. Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services
  2. Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment
  3. Be an Active Community Partner
  4. Maintain High Ethical Standards
  5. Drive Continuous Improvement

These principles serve as the foundation of our actions. 

About Fatemi Architects constructions

Fatemi Architects Construction & Consultant is Indore based national construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments. The company has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and community. While we approach every construction project with the same guiding operating philosophy — True Safety, True Quality, True Partnerships, and True Management — no two projects are alike. Through tried and tested construction processes, including a comprehensivequality control plan, we ensure a “True” level of finish and consistency throughout.

  • We’re confident that, given the opportunity, our construction team members will quickly impress you with their industry expertise and passion to get the job done.
  • Our success comes from a steadfast commitment to the client’s vision and a culture of balance, integrity, leadership and loyalty. At Fatemi Architects, we transform the construction experience through creation of an environment that fosters collaboration and project team engagement.
  • With a workplace that attracts and retains the best employees in every field. We are proud of the dedication, skill, and integrity of each of our employees, and their unique contributions in building our high-performance teams.